SRP Details

Lots of GREAT ONLINE PROGRAMS this year provided by NCLS libraries!!!


Reader tracking will done on an app called Readsquared which is FREE to all patrons available on any computer or mobile device.  It has MINI-GAMES, BADGES and other activities you can UN-LOCK with each level of reading!!! The games are addicting!!


When you register for Readsquared through the link provided it automatically enrolls you into our program.

Click on the unicorn below to REGISTER for Readsquared.


For PROGRAM RULES click the castle below.


Activity sheet for the 0-3 age group can be downloaded here. Just log 30 minutes in Readsquared for each activity completed.


For a sneak peak at PRIZES click on the gift below.  (One raffle ticket for every 30 minutes)  Ages 0-3 also receive 1 per activity.


For a CALENDAR of Summer Reading Events click the calendar below.


 Ages 0-3 and 4-6 every 30 minutes logged will earn another Reading Badge and unlock more mini-games.  (Up to 10 levels)

 Ages 7 and 12 every 60 minutes logged will earn a new Reading Badge and unlock more mini-games. (Up to 10 levels)

 Ages 13+ every 100 minutes logged will earn new levels and also some challenging mini-games. (Up to 10 levels)